Chase Bergner

Our story is a story of  tests, trials, and triumph. Chase Bergner, Founder and President was reading a biography one day on the The Rise of Macedon and the reign of  “Alexander the Great”. As he was reading he stumbled upon the word “Pothos”, a Greek word meaning “the yearning or desire to obtain something most believe unobtainable to man”. This specific articulation he had never heard before and struck a nerve so deep within him he believed it to be a message from God. He had  finally been given the perfect word that explained the dynamic of his own pursuits and the relationship he held with the customers who walked into his training facility. As a former IFBB professional bodybuilder, and CEO of Momentum Fitness, Chase’s real challenges came in the times of his childhood. From being abandoned by his mother as a child and finding himself in a juvenile institution at the age of 16, he found himself filled with a constant yearning and desire to transform himself. 

Finding the “pothos” allowed him to begin to search far and wide on the tools he needed to craft a version of himself that was independent, reliable, disciplined, and resilient. Spending the next half of his life in the gym, educating himself, and helping others overcome the same obstacles he once did,he found himself on an inner mission to bring this spirit of resilience, sacrifice, and faith into a storyline for others to be able to cultivate their own heroes within themselves.

Kofi Ankamah

Kofi Ankamah, our Vice President of Sales, as well experienced friction throughout his life. Growing up Kofi was always one of the smallest players on the team, feeling undervalued, overlooked, and ill equipped Kofi had to dig deep within himself and really ask himself “who did he want to be”? He could visualize in his mind's eye how life could look if he became the person that was able to achieve all of his aspirations and dreams. So after he graduated from Stephen F Austin State University with a Masters degree in Kinesiology Human Performance he found himself inside the gym. Filled with faith and a vision of the future he knew he could create, he decided to embark on the journey of mastering himself through discipline and training. While learning the tools he needed to use to craft and hone this person he began teaching others the knowledge and wisdom through the vehicle of professional training. Leading with his massive heart and relying on his passion for helping others face their Goliaths with the same tenacity he uses to conquer his own, Kofi Aligned with business partner and high school friend Chase Bergner they harmonized in their beliefs and were able to visualize the dream of changing the often appearing self-centered Fitness industry into one of selflessness, integrity, truth, knowledge, and cultivated skill.

Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller's, Vice President of Operations, personal journey from struggling with weight issues to becoming an integral part of the Pothos brand is truly inspirational. As a child and during high school, he faced challenges with his weight, leading to discomfort and a feeling of being stuck in his own skin. However, his decision to make a transformative change became a pivotal moment in his life.

Teaming up with trainers at Momentum Fitness, particularly Chase, Kofi, and others, Thomas not only shed over 55 pounds but also gained invaluable knowledge about adopting a clean and healthy lifestyle. His experience with Pothos products during the subsequent year not only directly impacted his fitness journey but also exposed him to the incredible faith, passion, and expertise of the brand's founders.

Despite his involvement in advancing manufacturing goals within the Pothos brand, Thomas has also embraced the brand's values in his personal life. He's now actively engaged in sharing these values, assisting others in overcoming their own challenges, and inspiring them to triumph over their personal obstacles showing  his commitment to helping others defeat their own Goliaths. Thomas' story embodies resilience, determination, and the power of personal transformation. His journey not only highlights the positive impact of healthy lifestyle choices but also showcases how one person's dedication can positively influence the lives of others, both professionally and personally.

Our Mission

We extend our philosophy beyond the physical to the holistic well-being of mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential by providing superior nutritional supplements that marry the art and science of nourishment with utmost integrity.